Welcome to Wide Left, a podcast where two football personalities attempt to come to grips with politics. Borne of frustration and possibly folly, we—Arif Hasan and Ben Natan—have decided to combine our shared political experience (a quick career in organizing before retirement for the former and newfound activism for the latter) with the process-oriented analysis we’ve attempted to brand for ourselves in the world of football writing.

In short, we’ll be yelling at suits instead of jerseys.


As a means of distinguishing ourselves from cursory shouting into the wind, each episode will be accompanied by research notes and citations to at least maintain the facade of credibility—though we intend to approach these topics with the same rigor and evidenced analysis we’ve pursued in our actual analytical careers.

We don’t come into this unbiased, either. Both Ben and Arif occupy the liberal wing of the liberal left, though our political experiences, philosophies and approaches are distinct. There’s a lot to talk about when the scenery to the right includes Bernie Sanders.

Join our misery.